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New Un-Primed Starline Brass

Avoid Disappointment! Pre-order your brass now and collect at any show I am attending!


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Best to email me as I have a regular day job.








Available most days

10.00 am to 7.00 pm


Pick up from Tuscany NW Calgary

Sizes listed as "stock" are usually in stock.


Sizes Listed as "Call" generally need to be

ordered in advance of a show, please enquire.


POA is price on application.

Due to the numerous calibres and pricing options based on quantity, I only

keep stock of popular calibres, if you required something else please enquire

and I will quote you a price and availablity.

Correct as of July 22nd 2017

Calibre Bag $/Bag Availability
9MM  100 $28.00  2 Stock
357 Magnum 100 $36.00  9 Stock
38 S&W 100 $38.00  7 Stock

44 Magnum 100 $43.00  6 Stock
45 Auto 100 $42.00  20 Stock
45 Colt 100 $43.00  12 Stock
45-70 50 $47.00  7 Stock

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