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New Un-Primed Starline Brass

Avoid Disappointment! Buy now SPECIAL pricing. When stock is gone I will no longer be selling bullets or Brass, I will still be attending the Easter show pre-order if I still have stock. Thanks to all my customers and friends.


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Best to email me as I have a regular day job.








Available most days

10.00 am to 7.00 pm


Pick up from Tuscany NW Calgary

Due to the numerous calibres and pricing options based on quantity, I only

keep stock of popular calibres, if you required something else please enquire

and I will quote you a price and availablity.

Correct as of August 9th 2017

Calibre Bag $/Bag Availability
9MM  100 $25.00  2 Stock
357 Magnum 100 $35.00  9 Stock
38 S&W 100 $35.00  7 Stock

44 Magnum 100 $40.00  6 Stock
45 Auto 100 $40.00  15 Stock
45 Colt 100 $40.00  12 Stock
45-70 50 $45.00  7 Stock

This website and email address will be shutting down in September 2017. Phone number 403 771 2495 will still be available, thank you.

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